4-Sentence Prayer Helps 135,375 Experience “Netflix Of Mircales”!

“I was deep in debt, creditors harassing me, my bedridden husband in hospital and my marriage in shambles… Every single day I struggled getting up because I felt suffocated by fear, depression and anxiety as I shielded my 3 young children from the brutal reality.” states Amanda Ross, the author of “7 Day Prayer Miracle“.

But then everything seems to have changed 180 degrees. As she puts in her own words, “I’m financially free, with lots of money in the bank and those dreaded creditor calls a thing of the past.”

She claims, and her thousands of followers swear by this, that the entire credit goes to a simple 4 sentence prayer that causes a “Netflix of Mircales”. While we may not all be religious but what makes this story compelling is the huge number of people that this prayer seems to be working for. What you think of it, is something we leave entirely up to you.