Secret Russian Technique Behind Kobe Bryant’s Game

“You can throw down your very first slam in less than 8 weeks. I promise you that.” says Adam Folker, an NCAA Division I basketball player at University of California and developer of “Vert Shock“, the secret technique based on Russian scientific research used by Kobe Bryant to propel himself to the rank of the best dunker in the world!

The main finding of the research is that even the most professional leg training exercises fail to target special elastic fibers in the leg necessary for jumping high. But knowing this is not enough. The real findings of the research also reveal HOW these elastic fibers can be quickly strengthened within a few weeks with the result that ANYONE can add a whopping 12 to 15 inches to their jump!

In the words of Adam Folker himself, “The only way to increase your maximum vertical is to target and strengthen your elastic fibers. Stronger elastic fibers equal more tension which equals a higher vertical.BUT… If you don’t train using special exercises, you end up neglecting them…”.

In sum, it’s not about how hard you train but how smart you do it. Scientific research definitely helps and in this case Kobe Bryant is the proof that Vert Shock does actually work!