Crazy Method Makes 2 Year Old Babies Read Entire Books

Two years and four month old Jacob Irvine of California has shocked the world with his reading ability. Diane Irvine, Jacob’s mother deservedly feels the luckiest woman on earth as her son reads entire books at his age that second grade students at his primary school are only now beginning to read.

What is important here is that scientists and researchers have found no evidence that Jacob’s extraordinary ability is purely inherited or gifted. In other words, Jacob is unlikely to be a genius by birth. Rather, his ability has more to do with Jacob’s mother Diane using a special teaching technique developed privately by a veteran school teacher that allowed Jacob to start learning how to read at the age of just 14 months!

What strengthens this theory is that since Jacob’s mind-blowing success the same technique has allowed countless other children of similar age to develop extremely enhanced reading ability for their age. Many of these children are now light years ahead of their classes!

The success stories are too many to mention here but you can see them at this link and also learn how to use this unique teaching technique to take the reading ability of your own children to shockingly high levels!