“Fat Blaster” Brain Molecule Reveals Key To Weight Loss

A brain molecule termed “fat blaster” has been identified as the root trigger for human weight loss. The discovery has lead to the development of such an easy method for intense weight loss that the discoverers are claiming that their finding is being “actively suppressed” by bigger companies and the government. It should be noted that weight loss is a multi billion dollar industry in the United States and any such disruptive research that allows the public to loose weight without having to spend large sums of money has the potential to invite the animosity of extremely powerful circles.

On the other hand, it can also be claimed that the no one should have a monopoly on this particular discovery as the initial research was based on knowledge long held by ancient samurai’s in a remote Japanese village.

Whatever the legal controversy, the good news is that the following video released by the discoverers explains how anyone can use this shockingly simple weight loss method to trigger their “fat blaster” brain molecules into action and loose multiple pounds of extra fat from their body.